Thursday, 31 March 2011

"Tudor House"

I have been commissioned to make a coin operated automaton for The Tudor House Museum in Southampton UK. It's going to have about 12 different characters, That had lived in the past 600 years in this house. It's about 1.10 Mt High (43 Inches), There are many details. It is a lot of work but fun!
At the beginning there is a lot of planing,  Each mechanism 
will move the characters inside the house. 
After the Mechanisms is  the structure of the House,  This house is similar to the original but fare more simple.  

First the mechanisms them the structure.

Mechanisms that move the figures.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Wrexham Museum.


I was commissioned to make this automata donations box for The Wrexham county Museum in Wales.It's 1.20 mt. High (47 Inches)
As people insert a coin, a Welsh dragon will start to fly in circles around the top of the tower. The dragon will be alike the one in the “Waking the Dragon” project.

As your eyes go down the building, one of the windows will open and inside the blind John Parry playing his harp. Next to him David Garrick will turn his head in admiration towards Sir Watkin who is standing next to him and nods in admiration and approval. Then the window closes to let them enjoy the music.

Down as a centre piece of the Automata you can see in full vision “Balaclava Ned” on his horse. He is about to charge and as he does so his horse collapses to the ground making a lot of noise, disturbing “William Lowe” who is sitting at his desk on the left hand corner drawing the plans for the Chanel Tunnel. He stops and turns to see “Balaclava Ned” who is under his horse. William Low makes the hushing sound with his finger to his mouth – he is not amused and looks back at his drawing and carries on working.

It was fun to work in this coin operated automaton